Newsletter Issue 11 - October 2019

  • Student awards and prestigious scholarships 2019

    Student awards and prestigious scholarships 2019
  • Huge Benefits, Tiny Particles: the Extraordinary Benefits of Nanotechnology in Medicine

    Nearly 550 million people are exposed to Leishmaniasis disease, known in Israel as Rose of Jericho. Current treatments require hospitalization and have severe side effects. A new therapeutic nano-drug developed by Prof. Shulamit Michaeli Vice President of Research at Bar-Ilan University and Prof. Jean-Paul (Moshe) Lellouche, both from BINA center, provides a non-intrusive alternative that truly works.
  • Awards 2019

    Awards 2019
  • Circles and Spirals

    From academia to industry and back – Dr. Yossi Abulafia, heads of the Nanofabrication Unit at BINA, ensures that only the best equipment and knowledge are provided for groundbreaking research in both academia and industry
  • Research, Develop, Lead

    High ambitions, multidisciplinary training and outstanding independent research abilities all rolled into our graduates – Dr. Anna Kremen physicist at ELOP, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems a subsidiary of Elbit Systems; and Dr. Adam, an application engineer in Bruker Israel
  • He’s an Ultrasensitive Guy

    Elad Segal has recently concluded his Ph.D. research at Prof. Adi Salomon’s lab, fabricating sensitive plasmonic detectors of toxic pesticides in liquids. Now he is busy establishing a start-up company, with the goal of helping humanity counter the challenge of airborne pollutants to which we are exposed
  • Greetings

    Dear friends, It is my pleasure to start this newsletter at the mark of the Jewish New Year and our sacred holidays with a passage from "Unetanah Tokef" prayer: "And all creatures shall parade before You as a troop". These sacred lyrics remind us of the responsibility we have to one another, being part of a unit; the higher the rank, the greater the responsibility one carries on their shoulders.
  • UnBox – Breaking Out of Research Restrains

    Bar-Ilan University has true faith in its excellent researchers and their ability to solve humanity's most complicated challenges. To that end, BIU has established UnBox Center, providing researchers with a methodic training program and development seed money, while leaving all intellectual property rights at the hands of the entrepreneurs
  • At the Heart of Things

    Dozens of laboratory directors, cardiologists, internal medicine physicians, clinical chemists, and biomedical engineers visited Bar-Ilan University in late September for a three-day symposium on innovative high-sensitivity cardiac troponin and other cardiac biomarkers testing. The symposium was held under the auspice of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and The European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, and sponsored by the major manufacturing companies in this field

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