נובהPaving your way from Academy to Industry

On 19/5, we hosted an inspiring and dynamic meeting tailored for our talented students. 

The meeting was led by BINA alumni who are currently employed at NOVA Company.





KLAKLA & BINA Research Excellence day

On 19/9/23 a research excellence day was held under the auspices of the KLA company in which outstanding students presented their works and were awarded an excellence scholarship from KLA. ​

​Congratulations to the winners- Shany Zrihan Cohen, Elad Zehavy, Avital Fried, Doron Duadi, Nathalie Gower, Xi Wang, Avraham Kenigsberg, Vladimir Kostriukov, Shira Zafran.​

​Thanks to Dr. Nava Shpaisman on behalf of KLA who led the initiative and the day. ​


The BINA pirate seminar -

Students of the BINA center, join the last meeting of the biweekly seminar before the Passover break.

Next meeting’s agenda:

  • Poster presentation by Adeliya Kurbanov (Toker lab, physics department)
  • Short scientific talk by Avi Kenigsberg (Shpaisman lab, chemistry department)
  • Mingling & snacks

Location & Time: Monday 10/6 at 14:00, Nano building, room C563

Number of spots is limited! RSVP at 


*The event is open to BINA members only

Looking forward to seeing you,

The organizing committee.


Nano Club

nano club


The BINA pirate seminar -

  • Encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations with labs across BINA, offering scholarships for participating students.
  • Equipping members with cutting-edge knowledge & essential soft skills through lectures & workshops.

The Pirate Seminar – a student-exclusive bimonthly seminar, focused on cultivating soft skills and fostering networking opportunities.