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בלאלExciting breakthrough! 

Researchers Abu Salha Belal & Gedanken Aharon from Chemistry Department and Institute for Nanotechnology unveiled a revolutionary method for preserving strawberries. Using sound waves in a process called sonication, they've developed a nano-particle coating from chitosan, a natural biopolymer with antibacterial properties. This innovative and eco-friendly approach not only simplifies the application process but also significantly extends the shelf life of strawberries.

The significance of Belal work was published in leading Hebrew Arab and English newspapers.












تطوير جديد في جامعة بار-ايلان يسمح بالحفاظ على الفواكه والخضار لمدة أطول

كنوز نت - التقنية، التي طورها طالب الدكتوراه بلال ابو صالحة، في قسم الكيمياء ومعهد النانو-تكنولوجيا في جامعة بار-ايلان


mohamadThe groundbreaking research conducted by Mohammad Hamouda, a doctoral student affiliated with the Department of Chemistry and the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials in Bar Ilan University, has resulted in the development of advanced optical sensing detectors. Working under the supervision of Prof. Adi Salomon, Hamouda's detectors exhibit the remarkable ability to detect drug derivatives even at minimal concentrations in water.
The significance of Hamouda's work was published in leading Arab newspapers in Israel, PANET &  KUL AL ARAB.

طالب الدكتوراة في جامعة بار-إيلان محمد حمودة يُطور حلولًا لمشكلة تلوثات مياه الشرب kul-alarab.com

PANET | تطوير جديد في جامعة بار-إيلان يمكن من تحديد بقايا الملوثات الدوائية ومواد ملوثة اخرى في المياه