About the Institute

Mission Statement

Bar Ilan's Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) is committed to advancing the field of nanotechnology through innovative research, education, and collaboration. Our mission is to promote the responsible and sustainable development of nanotechnology by conducting cutting-edge research that addresses pressing societal needs, training the next generation of nanotechnology leaders, and fostering partnerships with industry and other academic institutions.

Our goals are to:

  1. Conduct groundbreaking research in nanoscience and nanotechnology that addresses critical challenges facing society, such as energy, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.
  2. Train and educate the next generation of nanotechnology leaders by providing outstanding academic programs, experiential learning opportunities, and mentorship.
  3. Foster interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with industry, government, and other academic institutions to promote the translation of research discoveries into practical applications that benefit society.
  4. Promote responsible and sustainable development of nanotechnology by engaging with stakeholders, raising awareness of the potential benefits and risks of nanotechnology, and advocating for policies that promote safe and ethical use of nanotechnology.

We are committed to excellence, integrity, and innovation in all that we do, and to making significant contributions to the advancement of science and the betterment of society through the transformative power of nanotechnology.

Bar Ilan's Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) is a dynamic and growing scientific community. At BINA, the Invention of novel ideas, concepts, material, process, technology, or prototype, is implemented in the Innovation of the development of the new application, technology, and processes. BINA Integration of multidisciplinary areas of knowledge and expertise is part of our DNA. BINA has a renowned research staff – including a large number of young faculty members recruited from abroad – to educate Israel's next generation of nanoscience professionals while collaborating with academic and industrial experts on nano-based approaches to energy, magnetism, optics, cleantech, materials, quantum, robotics, bioconvergence, and biomedicine.

Established in 2007 and housed in the Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Nanotechnology Triplex, BINA boasts 71 cutting-edge laboratories as well as state-of-the-art "Scientific Service" facilities for Charged Particle Microscopy (CPM), nanofabrication, surface analysis, and measurement, all of which are available for use by the wider scientific community.

BINA’s remarkable productivity – in publications, grants, patents, and in the creation of successful start-ups from basic science breakthroughs – has made BINA highly sought after as an R&D partner.  In addition to academic collaborations with some of the world’s top research institutes, BINA currently partners with leading multi-national corporations. 

BINA offers a comprehensive set of educational frameworks, including Ph.D. and MA studies, and a selective program for BIU undergraduates majoring in the sciences.

BINA graduates have gone on to post-doctoral positions in prestigious academic institutions, and hold key positions in Israel's science-based industries.