Nano Research Centers

BINA comprises almost 70 research groups in which veteran scientists have been joined by a bumper crop of new faculty members – mostly "returning" Israelis as well as new immigrants – who trained at top-flight institutions like Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

BINA researchers are making important contributions to fundamental nanoscience, while producing practical applications in the marketplace – everything from electric vehicle batteries, to energy-saving digital lighting displays, to medical nanoparticles for the targeted eradication of the herpes simplex virus and cancer. BINA's experts in magnetism and optics are laying the groundwork for tomorrow's computers, while materials science breakthroughs are being applied to everything from agricultural irrigation to space satellites.

Collaborating with the world's most respected research centers – as well as multi-national corporations such as Merck, General Motors and IBM – Bar-Ilan is leading the charge toward a future in which the potential of nanotechnology makes life better – for all of us.

BINA researchers are currently exploring a vast number of basic and applied projects, focuses on areas that include: