MultiMode, Bruker

    The MultiMode AFM design allows different modes applications.


    Scanner Piezo Resolution

    16 bits (all axes)

    Scanner size (X, Y axis)

    Scanner "J"  - 100 µm

    Scanner "E" -  10 µm

    Water-Cooled Scanner  - 125 µm

    Vertical range (Z axis)

    Scanner "J" - 5.5 µm,

    Scanner "E" - 3.5 µm

    Water-Cooled Scanner  - 5 µm


    <3Å in vertical (Z) dimension with vibration isolation

    Lateral resolution

    The radius of curvature of the end of the tip will determine the highest lateral resolution obtainable with a specific tip.

    The sidewall angles of the tip will also determine its ability to probe high-aspect-ratio features.

    Typical accuracy


    Maximum accuracy



    2 degrees

    Max. sample size

    Samples up to 10 mm diameter and 6 mm thick

    Small samples*

    Magnetic holder is available for mounting small samples on mounting pucks.

    Smooth samples can be attached to the chuck using chuck vacuum.

    Wet samples

    Optional fluid cell with / without temperature control in liquids. Useful range  is 4- 50 ºC in water

    Optical microscope

    10X Nikon objective, 450X magnification range with 14-inch image. 12.7 mm travel two-axis stage.

    Heater / Cooler

    Provides samples heating and temperature control from -35 ºC to 100 ºC  for samples (0.6x0.6x0.5 mm) in air or other inert gases.


    Image carrier concentrations 1015 – 1020 carries/cm3.

    Resistance is measured using a logarithmic current amplifier with range 10pA -0.1 mA.

    Extended TUNA

    Range: 150 fA to 2000 nA; Noise: 150 fA RMS in pA range, 10 pA RMS in nA range. A bias of mV to 12 V can be applied.

    Thermal control measurements MultiMode heater/cooler line provides increased thermal-control convenience to life sciences and polymers research.


    Atomic Force Microscope MultiMode

      Last Updated Date : 26/12/2021