Nano & Advanced Materials

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BINA is a world leader in materials science research.  Ranked third in the world in terms of scientific citations in this area, and site of a Marie Curie Training Site for Fabrication of Nanoscale Materials, Bar-Ilan scientists are expanding our understanding and control of molecular and atomic self-assembly. Their discoveries are fueling practical advances in a wide range of areas including energy, computers, communication and health care.

  • Innovative methods for nanoparticle fabrication
  • Synthesis, characterization and biomedical applications of functional nanoparticles
  • Self-assembled monolayer films
  • Nanoscale organic and inorganic coatings
  • Functional and chiral self-assembly monolayers
  • Nanostructures – from individual nanoparticles to functional materials
  • Carbon nanotubes growth mechanisms
  • Carbon nanotubes synthesis and functionalization
  • Colloidal models of phase transition in nano-scale systems
  • Computational nanotechnology