Contacts: Dr. Anat Itzhak,  anatitzhak2@gmail.com

                   Dr. Yuila Vestrfid, Yulia.vestfred@biu.ac.il


Model: Quanta FEG 250

Manufacture: FEI


The uniqueness of the E-SEM is the ability to perform the measurement under humid and low vacuum conditions in addition to the standard high vacuum conditions. It enables imaging of wet, oily, dirty, outgassing and non-conductive samples in their natural state without significant sample modification or preparation. The Quanta SEM is equipped with SE and BSE detectors for using in low vacuum or ESEM mode. Elemental analysis can be performed using the Thermo UltraDry 60mm2 EDS detector.

Resolution: 3 nm


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Last Updated Date : 16/05/2024