Electro Magnetism & Spintronics

From fundamental studies of the magnetic properties of materials, to the fabrication of new materials for use in spintronics-based applications, to the integration of these materials in advanced devices, researchers in the BINA Nano-Magnetism Center are making dramatic contributions to the science that will lead to novel devices for communication, medicine and industry. 

  • Low-dimensional magnetism and superconductivity
  • Nano-sized electronic systems
  • Transport properties of disordered and granular films
  • Magneto-transport in thin films of magnetic perovskites
  • Giant planar Hall effect in manganites
  • Ferromagnetic-superconducting hybrids
  • Magnetic properties in nanoparticles
  • Theory of single-molecule and single-photon spectroscopy
  • Statistical mechanics and transport phenomena in meso- and nanosystems
  • Spintronics of nano-scaled lateral structures, phenomena and applications