E-Beam Lithography

Electron Beam Lithography is a specialized technique for creating the extremely fine pattern required by the nano fabrication based research and the modern electronics industry for the integrated circuits. this is possible due to the very small spot size of the electron beam, whereas the resolution in optical lithography is limited by the light wave length used for exposure.The electron beam wavelength is so small that difraction no longer defines the lithographic resolution.

The technique derived for the early scanning electron microscopes. The electron beam is scanned across a surface cover with a resist film sensitive to electrons. The desired pattern is achieved at the electron beam route where an energy was deposit.

  • Acceleration voltage 50KeV
  • Minimum beam diameter - 2nm
  • Minimum line width - 8nm
  • Stitching accuracy <10nm
  • 4" wafer sample holder
E-Beam Lithography

Last Updated Date : 23/08/2023