Contacts: Dr. Anat Itzhak,

                   Dr. Yuila Vestrfid,


Model: Magellan 400L

Manufacture: FEI


The Magellan HR-SEM offers accurate imaging with sub-nanometer resolution and operates within a 1 to 30 kV energy range. It provides excellent contrast, crucial for precise measurements of materials across various applications, from nanotubes to biological objects. Energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (EDS) is available for local elemental analysis and imaging using a 80 mm2 Oxford XMAX Silicon drift detector working under INCA Energy 450 platform. The automated load lock facilitates the exchange of the sample in just a few minutes. The microscope is equipped with a retractable backscatter detector, retractable STEM detector and beam deceleration capabilities. The combination of high collection efficiency through-lens detector (TLD), beam deceleration and immersion capabilities allow the Magellan to support complex imaging operations and refined topographic and materials information. The 5 axis piezoceramic Magellan stage allows for a wide travel range in a highly adaptative and large chamber. Both small and large samples can be positioned under the beam in virtually any orientation.

Resolution: 0.6 nm


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Last Updated Date : 16/05/2024