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Current Publications

  • Hot Electron-Based Solid State TiO2 vertical bar Ag Solar Cells
    Pro. Zaban Arie
    The present work reports a simple and direct sputtering deposition to form solid state TiO 2 |Ag independent plasmonic solar cells. The independent plasmonic solar cells are based on a Schottky barrier between two materials, TiO 2 and Ag. The Ag functions as the absorber generating “hot” electrons, as well as the contact for the solar cell. The Ag sputtering is performed for different durations, to form Ag nanoparticles with a wide size distribution on the surface of rough spray pyrolysis deposited TiO 2 .
  • Difference-Frequency Generation of Optical Radiation from Two-Color X-Ray Pulses
    Dr. Sharon Shwartz
    We describe the process of difference-frequency generation of short optical pulses from two-color X-ray pulses. By assuming 1011 photons per X-ray pulse, we predict that the optical count rate can exceed 107 photons per pulse.