Surface Analysis

BINA’s Surface Analysis facility has an established reputation for overcoming complex challenges and solving intricate problems in materials science. The unit provides the means for analyzing polymers, metals, semiconductors, corrosion coatings, thin films, glass and metal-oxide ceramics. 
Its state-of-the-art instrumentation, combined with 
the team’s extensive experience, high scientific level, and its expertise in data interpretation and materials knowledge, ensure the selection of the best combination of techniques for investigating diverse materials.
A variety of techniques are offered for measuring surface sensitivity, including, but not limited to, investigation of chemical composition of exposed atomic layers, atomic scale surface topography, electronic and mechanical surface properties, and nanoscale surface manipulation. These are achieved through product development, failure analysis, optimization of the synthesis and coating processes, identifying surface contaminants, verification of material composition and more.
The unit accommodates facilities for Scanning Probe Microscopy, Ion Beam Analysis and X-Ray Diffraction, and works closely with the BINA Charged-Particle Microscopy Unit and the Nano-Fabrication Unit. 
The staff engages in a broad range of research projects, and tackles eagerly any scientific challenge, big or small, planned or unforeseen, offering creative solutions to achieve the best possible outcome that will benefit the project. The team members provide daily guidance and support, and are always available to respond to queries and specific needs.

 The various facilities of this group are housed in two laboratories that can be generally described as:

  1. AFM - Atomic Force Microscope, Bruker AXS, Nanoscope V Multimode STM/AFM
  2. Ion Beam Analysis
  3. XRD
  4. Spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometer
  5. Contact Angle Measuring and contour analysis instrament
  6. AFM - Atomic Force Microscope, Bruker AXS, ICON
  7. AFM - Atomic Force Microscope, Bruker AXS, Bio FastScan