Surface Analysis

BINA's Surface Analysis Facility has an established reputation for solving a variety of problems in materials science including analyses of polymers, metals, semiconductors, corrosion coatings, thin films, glass, and ceramics. This unit works in close collaboration with the Electron Microscopy Unit at Bar Ilan University. A combination of state-of-the-art instrumentation, expertise in data interpretation and materials knowledge enables experienced academics and technical staff to select the right combination of techniques for undertaking materials related to R&D or solving technical problems. Such work includes product development, failure analysis, process problems, surface contaminants, verification of material composition etc. The surface analytical instrumentation and expertise of the Surface Analysis unit staff are offered to industry and academia for involvement in research projects or problem-solving on a daily pro-rata basis.

The Surface Analysis Unit provides the means for a variety of surface-sensitive measurements. These include but are not limited to the chemical composition of the exposed atomic layers, atomic scale surface topography, electronic and mechanical surface properties, and nanoscale surface manipulations.

 The various facilities of this group are housed in three laboratories that can be generally described as:

  1. Ion Beam Analysis

  2. AFM laboratory


Last Updated Date : 23/01/2024