Bar-Ilan is one of nine partner universities to take part in the iPEN (Innovative Photonics Education in Nanotechnology) has as a primary objective to provide an education training program to young researchers (postgraduate, Research students) in the most common used photonic tools & techniques in a Nanotechnology Laboratory. iPEN project during its development will include the development of online & offline modules, the organization of intensive courses, that will foster the photonic learning skills and build the confidence of young researchers in the field of Nanotechnologies. The project was kicked off in the Oct 2017. iPEN has received a grant as part of the Capacity Building in Higher Education program in the framework of Erasmus+.

iPEN project consists from a multinational consortium, with partners from Greece, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and Israel


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The partner includes:

Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Greece)

Politechnico di Milano (Italy)

University of Twente (Netherlands)

Friendrich – Alexander Universiteit Erlangen (Germany) 

Institute of Electronic Structure and Lasers (Greece)

Web2Learn (SME)

Bar Ilan University (Israel)

Weizmann Institute of Technology (Israel) 

Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (Israel). 

Holon Institute of Technology (Israel).

Machba – Interuniversity Computation Center (Israel).

Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel).

Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel).


You can track the activity of the consortium on the site https://ipenche.chania.teicrete.gr/en/home/