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BINA Nano/Micro Fabrication is going to add new PVD system for quantum materials, such as NbN.

The system includes 3 subsystems :

Subsystem 1 - Ion-Assisted Sputtering Sources Sputter

  •  5 x balanced circular magnetrons 3” diameter sources.
  • Power supplies 2 x Pulsed-DC power supplies 2kW 1 x RF power supplies with auto-matching 600W HiPIMS 1 x Starfire IMPULSE 2-2 bipolar HiPIMS with positive kick power supply
  • Power source switching Programmable hardware switching box between sputtering magnetron sources and the power supplies (2 x DC, RF, and HiPIMS), allows sputtering of 1 source and co-sputtering of 2 or 3 sources in various configurations.
  • Ion Assist COPRA DN-160 RF-ICP plasma source designed for magnetron sputtering assist, compatible with Ar, N2, O2.

Subsystem 2 – Ion-Milling and e-Beam:

  • main chamber with substrate holder and ion-gun, secondary chamber with EB-gun, separation by gate-valve.
  • integrated electron beam source, custom made with 4 pockets of 25cc (deep) and 4 pockets of 15cc

Subsystem 3 - Load Lock with Oxidizing Chamber.

  • Load lock with robot connection to subsystems 1 and 2. The chamber is also connected to O2 gas line for Oxidation .
PVD system

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