Dimension Bio FastScan AFM, Bruker

The Bio FastScan™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) enables high-resolution research of biological dynamics, with temporal resolution of up to 3 frames-per-second for live sample observations. What’s more, it does this while making the AFM easier to use than ever before. AFM has been gaining an incredible amount of interest among today’s leading life science researchers and educators, both due to its nanoscale imaging capabilities and the physical interaction between the probe and sample. Bio FastScan is built upon the world’s most advanced large-sample AFM platform, the Dimension FastScan™.Bio FastScan AFM adds specialized life science features to this platform, and has been specifically designed for high-resolution, live sample observation of interacting molecules, membrane proteins, DNA protein binding, inter-cellular signaling and many other dynamic biological studies. The resulting system, that included the new innovative probe design, delivers the scanning speed required for high-resolution studies with the greatest simplicity ever seen in AFM system:

  • Simplified sample engaging and controls for immediate imaging
  • Real-time panning, zooming and scanning
  • Feature tracking and Movie creation tool
  • Micro-volume fluid cell with controlled fluid exchange


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Bio FastScan

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