SmartLab X-Ray diffraction (XRD)

The Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffraction system (XRD) is a fully automated, modular system for advanced X-ray diffraction measurements on a wide range of materials including thin films and powders. It has a new technology that allows focusing geometry and parallel beam geometry without changing optical components. Interchangeable stages and optical components permit a large range of X-ray techniques to be done on this instrument. In addition to the conventional Bragg Brentano powder diffraction mode for composition of powders and polycrystalline thin films determination, new capabilities for the facility include:


  • X-ray reflectivity measurements for thin film thickness, roughness and density determinations;
  • full pole figures and phi scans for crystallographic texture analysis;
  • high-resolution rocking curves for film and crystal quality measurements;
  • grazing incident angle diffraction for polycrystalline thin film.
  • An in-plane scattering arm for collecting reciprocal space mapping (RSM), in-plane pole figures, and in-plane grazing incidence XRD scans.
  • stress measurements;
  • automated X-Y mapping of wafers;

תאריך עדכון אחרון : 09/04/2024