Contacts: Dr. Domantovsky Sasha,


Model: Helios 5UC DualBeam

Manufacture: Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA


This is state-of-the-art system that integrates two advanced scanning microscopes (electron and ion) into one system, allowing the investigation of the same feature using either of the beams. It is complemented by a diverse range of detectors, gas chemistries, and the versatile EasyLift manipulator. An FIB closely resembles a SEM. However, while the SEM utilizes a fine focused beam of electrons to image the sample, an FIB setup employs a fine focused beam of Ga+ ions instead. FIB is a technique used for site-specific analysis, deposition, and milling of materials.


                   Electron beam: 0.6 nm at 15 kV; 1.2 nm at 1 kV

                   Ion beam at coincident point: 4.0 nm at 30 kV


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