Projects Manager

Teblum Eti

Bld 206 rm A23

Employment details:

1.2015 - now - Lab manager in Bar – Ilan  University, Department of Chemistry, Nanomaterials Research Center, Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Dr. Daniel Nessim lab​ 

1.9.17-now - AFM operator, Bar – Ilan  University, Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA),Surface Analysis Facility, AFM unit

Academic Background:

2005-2009 Bar – Ilan University, Department of Chemistry Ph.D. Chemistry with concentration in Polymers and materials Chemistry

2003-2005 Bar – Ilan University, Department of Chemistry M.Sc Chemistry with concentration in Polymers and materials Chemistry

2000-2003 Bar – Ilan University, Department of Chemistry B.Sc Chemistry with concentration in Organic & Medicinal Chemistry

1998-2000 I .D.F manpower cordinator at Police military corps.

Professional Background:

2011-1.2015 Bar – Ilan University, Department of Chemistry Dr. Daniel Nessim lab Post doctorate position in Material Science and lab manager. Research experience in CNTs CNF, graphene, copper sulfide synthesis by CVD and wet chemistry and characterization Methods: CVD, HRSEM, HRTEM, RAMAN, XPS, ALD, AFM, e-beam evaporation.

2010-2011 Bar – Ilan University, Department of Chemistry Prof. Lellouch lab Post doctorate position in Material Science. Research experience in organic synthesis, gold surface modification and piezoelectric crystal electrodes. Methods: contact angle, ellipsometry, grazing angle and QCM.

2003-2009 Bar – Ilan University, Department of Chemistry Research experience in organic synthesis and analysis, polymers synthesis and glass surface modification. Methods: HPLC, GPC, NMR, FT-IR, XRD, raman , AFM, SEM, viscosity, DSC, light scattering, UV and polarimeter

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