Prof. David Zitoun

Center (Research Field)
Department of Chemistry
Bld 206 rm B236
Research interests

Bottom-up approach of nano-devices

The aim of the laboratory is to elaborate nano-components for batteries, fuel cells, redox-flow batteries and sensors. The laboratory works on the integration of these nano-building blocks in devices.

Dr Zitoun's lab develops an alternative route to elaborate thin films using wet chemistry deposition. Two major routes are explored; the first one consists in the colloidal synthesis of nanospheres and nanowires which are spread on the substrate by wet coating. In a second approach, the molecular precursor is directly targeted to the substrate and reacts in situ. The lab synthesizes reactive organometallic complexes and studies the thermolysis, photolysis and chemical reduction of these complexes. Dr. Zitoun brings a major achievement with the use of designed reactive organometallic precursors that could be decomposed to form metallic coatings down to room temperature. This approach allows direct synthesis on the desired substrate (metallic, plastic...) with the use of standard coating equipment and/or state of the art research equipment, like Atomic Layer Deposition.

Particular research areas (projects):

1. Nanomaterials

2. Energy storage

3. Magnetism

Last Updated Date : 12/03/2024