Dr. Gili Cohen-Taguri

XRD Unit
Dr. Gili Cohen-Taguri


Gili Taguri joined Bar-Ilan University in 2011 as the head of the X-ray diffraction laboratory of the Bar-Ilan instituted of Nanotechnology & advanced Materials (BINA), where she gained an extensive experience in measurement methods and analysis techniques for multi-purpose X-ray diffraction designed not only for powders, but for thin films and nano-materials as well. These include Grazing incident XRD (GIXRD), X-ray Reflectivity (XRR), High resolution XRD (HRXRD) and In-plane XRD measurements for Pole Figures texture analysis (preferred orientation), epitaxial growth characterization, thin film quality determination (by rocking curve), phase identification, particle sizing and stain analysis.


Ph.D.- Material engineering (specializing in surface science, epitaxial growth and scanning tunneling microscopy), Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Tel Aviv University, 2010.

M.Sc.- Material engineering (specializing in the field of growth and characterization of thin films), Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tel Aviv University, 2005. 

B.Sc.- Chemistry, Tel Aviv University. 



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