Dr. Gili Cohen-Taguri

XRD Unit
Dr. Gili Cohen-Taguri


Gili Taguri joined Bar-Ilan University in 2011 as the head of the X-ray diffraction laboratory of the Bar-Ilan instituted of Nanotechnology & advanced Materials (BINA), where she gained an extensive experience in measurement methods and analysis techniques for multi-purpose X-ray diffraction designed not only for powders, but for thin films and nano-materials as well. These include Grazing incident XRD (GIXRD), X-ray Reflectivity (XRR), High resolution XRD (HRXRD) and In-plane XRD measurements for Pole Figures texture analysis (preferred orientation), epitaxial growth characterization, thin film quality determination (by rocking curve), phase identification, particle sizing and stain analysis.


Ph.D.- Material engineering (specializing in surface science, epitaxial growth and scanning tunneling microscopy), Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Tel Aviv University, 2010.

M.Sc.- Material engineering (specializing in the field of growth and characterization of thin films), Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tel Aviv University, 2005. 

B.Sc.- Chemistry, Tel Aviv University. 



1. “Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Titanium Silicide Nanoislands“
I.Goldfarb, S. Grossman, G. Cohen-Taguri and M. Levinshtien
Applied Surface Science 238 (2004) 29-35.

2. “Equilibrium Shape of Titanium Silicide Nanocrystals on Si(111) “
I. Goldfarb, G. Cohen-Taguri, S. Grossman and M. Levinshtien
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I. Goldfarb, S. Grossman and G. Cohen-Taguri
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4.“Real Space Identification of The CZT(110) Surface Atomic Structure by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy“
G. Cohen-Taguri, M. Levinshtien, A. Ruzin and I. Goldfarb
Surface Science 602 (2008) 712-723.

5. “Atomic Structure and Electrical Properties of In(Te) Nano-contacts on CdZnTe(110) by Scanning Probe Microscopy“
G. Cohen-Taguri, O. Sinkevich, M. Levinshtein, A. Ruzin and I. Goldfarb
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (2009) 215-223.

6. “Self-Assembled formation and transformation of In/InCdTe(110) nano-rings into camel-humps"
G. Cohen-Taguri A. Ruzin, and I. Goldfarb
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7. “Anomalous behavior of epitaxial indium nano-contacts on cadmium-zinc-telluride
A. Ruzin, O. Sinkevich, G. Cohen-Taguri and I. Goldfarb
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8. "Spatially resolved high throughput electrical and optical characterization of inhomogeneous NiO coatings prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition"

K. Shimanovich, G. Taguri, Y. Bouhadana, S. Rühle, H. N. Barad, D. Keller, K. Maghi, A. Y. Anderson and A. Zaban, Work in Prog.