Leading to Excellence

Leading to Excellence
Madina Telkhozhayeva

The Nano Institute is a fertile ground for knowledge and collaborations, as summarized by Dr Madina Telkhozhayeva regarding her postdoctoral period at our institute-
My two years at BINA were highly rewarding. I worked in the Ion Beam Analysis Lab and the Nanofabrication Unit, engaging in diverse projects and gaining hands-on experience with advanced techniques. Collaborating with various teams, including industry partners, broadened my skill set and deepened my knowledge in Materials Science.


Managing responsibilities between the Nanofabrication and Ion Beam Analysis groups was challenging, requiring distinct skills and techniques. With supportive supervisors, Dr. Olga Girshevitz and Dr. Yossi Abulafia (Phd. Solid State Physics), I improved my time management and adaptability. Additionally, bridging my Chemistry background with Physics, Engineering, and Life Sciences was essential for handling complex projects and solving measurement issues, ultimately enhancing my interdisciplinary research skills.
I am proud of several achievements, including our work on defect engineering in 2D materials, which led to two publications and a grant from the EU Commission's Horizon Europe program. This grant facilitated collaborations with esteemed European institutions. I also presented our research at international conferences. In the Nanofabrication Unit, I led a project with KLA Inc. and trained students and startups on the PICOMASTER laser writer.
At BINA, I learned advanced techniques, improved data analysis skills, and gained experience in writing scientific papers, submitting grant proposals, and presenting at conferences. These experiences have greatly enhanced my expertise and confidence.
I gained proficiency with the tandem accelerator, including RBS and PIXE, and advanced my expertise in Raman Spectroscopy. In the Nanofabrication Unit, I learned to use cleanroom tools, including lithography equipment like the Maskless Aligner and PICOMASTER.
My main project focused on defect engineering of 2D materials, such as monolayer graphene and MoS2. I also participated in collaborative projects involving PIXE analysis of biological fluids and investigating gadolinium retention in mouse brains. In the Nanofabrication Unit, I developed high-resolution gratings and optimized lithography processes in collaboration with KLA Inc.
I was deeply involved in all stages of the main project, from sample preparation to publication. In side projects, I conducted sample preparations, measurements, and data analysis. My contributions in nanofabrication included the entire photolithography process.
I am particularly proud of our research on structural defects in 2D materials, which led to significant publications and recognition by the European Commission. This project highlighted our hard work and its impact on advancing scientific knowledge.

Last Updated Date : 01/07/2024