Nanoscribe, BIO X6, cellenONE*F1

Mr. Erel Lasnoy

Bldg. 206, Room A026

    He has over eight years of experience in Micro/Nano Fabrication with extensive expertise in microfabrication processes and equipment [Photolithography, 3D Printer (nanoscribe and more), Optical Profiler, Stylus Profiler,  RIE, and cleaning, dicing]. His professional skills include Clean Rooms; 3D and 2.5D Model design. Erel is responsible for 3D Microfabrication processes of development and implementation, 2.5D  Photolithography fabrication,  Users training and support; Users consulting for process and devices development; and Fabrication Equipment Operation.


    1. Erel Lasnoy, Omer Wagner, Eitan Edri and Hagay Shpaisman*, "Drag controlled formation of polymeric colloids with optical traps". Lab Chip, 2019, 19, 3543-3551.

    2. I. Jacob, E. Edri, E. Lasnoy, S. Pipreno & H. Shpaisman*, "Influencing Colloidal Formation with Optical Traps". Soft Matter, Issue 4, 2017.

    Last Updated Date : 09/05/2024