HIM, Orion Nano Fab

The NanoFab is a triple beam (He, Ne and Ga) instrument combining scanning helium ion microscope (SHIM, HeIM or HIM) and Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technologies as well as gas chemistries. Various applications with nano to micro scale resolution can be performed using the FIB for patterning, milling, and cross section, materials deposition, with superb imaging resolution of the HIM also allows imaging nonconductive and magnetic materials

  • Triple beam FIB (He+, Ne+, Ga+)
  • Cross section
  • TEM sample preparation (cleaning Ga contamination)
  • Image resolution 0.4nm
  • Writing resolution  lines 4cm, spots 2nm
  • Non - conductive / magntic sample imaging
  • He ion Irradiation of 2D materials


Orion NanoFab, Zeiss

Last Updated Date : 30/12/2021