Charge Particles Microscopy

The Charge Particles Microscopy (CPM) Facility, equipped with a variety of scanning, transmission electron microscopes and focus ion beam (SEM's,TEM's and FIB's) is a sophisticated facility for advanced imaging and analysis. It can provide 3D morphology and topography information, as well as 2D imaging with nanometric spatial resolution. We offer high resolution, bright and dark-field imaging, Electron Diffraction (ED) including crystallographic information, phase and structure identification and determination of unit cell parameters and analytical capabilities using Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS). Our FIB includes dual beam system consist Ga ion column and HR-SEM column and unique He FIB in a triple ions beam system includes He/Ne and Ga ions.

Both the scope and sophistication of its equipment make the CPM facility an invaluable resource for researchers in semiconductors, ultra-fine grain materials of thin films, 2D materials, solar cells and many other fields that are based on nanotechnology, nanodevices, and materials science.