Ion Beam Sputtering system Intlvac Nanoquest

High-end thin film deposition process.
4 targets and ION ASSIST/Etch source.
Lower pressure sputter deposition (10-4 Torr), sputtered atoms retain kinetic energy due to minimal scatting in low pressure environments.
High quality, smooth, pin hole free films.
Enhanced adhesion and micro-structure control.
Yields excellent coverage at small thicknesses and on high aspect ratio features.
Independent control of ion beam parameters allows user to engineer film for desired properties.
Typically, film properties from ion beam deposition exceed those deposited by evaporation or magnetron sputtering.
The system intended for deposition of high quality optical and magnetic coatings.
Max substrate size 100 mm
Ion Beam Sputtering including Ion assist and reactive sputtering options
Ion beam milling
Ar, O2, N2 sputter gases
Ions energy up to 1200 eV
Load Lock
Very high films quality and thickness accuracy and repeatability

   High density layers

   Low optical loss

   High surface quality

Ion Beam Sputtering system Intlvac Nanoquest


Last Updated Date : 06/04/2022