Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching

The FRAP-3D™ system, MAG Biosystems is a wide field imaging solution designed to study the intracellular dynamics of proteins and other macromolecular complexes via FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching), iFRAP (inverse FRAP), and photoactivation/photoconversion experiments. The versatile FRAP-3D system offers researchers the ability to perform these studies in 2D plus time or 3D plus time.

FRAP-3D includes a galvanometer-based FRAP head, an advanced laser launch module with integrated circuitry to control all aspects of the system, a quantitative EMCCD camera, acquisition and analysis software, and a configured workstation. A number of unique innovations provide a combination of speed, sensitivity, and ease of use not found in any other FRAP system.

  • Allows measurements for a few hours in an incubator
  • 3D data measures (can be deconvolved)